When you entrust the decoration of your home or business premises to a decorator you need to be sure that the work will be carried out promptly and professionally.

Following your initial enquiry, I will arrange to visit your property and prepare a detailed specification and quotation for the required work.  There will be no hidden costs - the price will include labour, materials and clearing away of debris.  

If you accept the price I submit, we can arrange a date for the work to commence.



All surfaces to be decorated will be thoroughly prepared.  Existing wallpapers stripped if necessary, all surface imperfections made good etc.
Any area's of concern will be treated with the correct treatments or primers.
The specification that you require will then be carried out using ICI Dulux Trade paints or your preferred brand of paint in the colours and finishes that you select.
Alternatively wallpaper of your choice can be hung.
All materials will be used strictly in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.
All carpets, furniture, fixtures and surfaces not to be painted will be adequately protected.
All working area's will be kept clean and tidy at all times.


All surfaces will be thoroughly prepared.  Surfaces contaminated with organic growth will be washed with fungicidal solution and rinsed clean.  Large area's will be cleaned with a pressure washer.  Badly deteriorated paintwork will be stripped to bare wood and treated as new.
All surfaced will then be painted with the correct products in the colour of your choice.
Guttering will be cleaned out, and all glass cleaned upon completion.
I can arrange to have any joinery/masonry repairs or new windows/doors etc. to be completed by a third party.

As above all area's will be kept clean and tidy.


I also offer a pressure washing service and I can clean your patio and paths to compliment the redecoration work.